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Lisa Wasielewski

Owner and Head Trainer

Our Head Trainer and Owner, Lisa Wasielewski, has always been an animal lover. After training horses for 7 years, she entered the dog world by training her own service dog – a Standard Poodle named Odin. As an outlet for Odin, she began competing in dog sports, and she was hooked! Odin has 50 performance titles in a variety of sports including North American Sport Dog Association (NASDA), Barn Hunt, and scent work. He is the second dog ever to earn NASDA’s Supreme Versatility Champion title – Master Champion titles in all 5 of NASDA’s classes!

Lisa is CPDT-KA certified through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. She also is a Certified Sport Detection Trainer and Certified Canine Cognition Instructor through Ford-K9. Lisa is a judge for NASDA and UKC Elite Shed Dog Series. She is also the Vice President for the local UKC Nosework Club – West Coast Patterdale Club.

Hillary Nestlerode

Pack Walker and Trainer

Our Pack Walker and Trainer, Hillary Nestlerode, has been a Pack Walker for 7 years and has experience training dogs in everything from basic obedience, to service work, to scent sports! She regularly competes in a myriad of sports with her 2 Standard Poodles.